America's Best Defense Franklin Reviews

  • America's Best Defense Franklin Sandi V.

    The Little Dragon's program is perfect for the little ones. It instills great confidence, focus and self discipline while the kids have fun and learn basic martial arts moves. This program and the support of all the instructors have made a huge difference in our 5 year old son's development. I can't say enough wonderful things about all the instructors, not only are the knowledgeable, supportive and dedicated, they are amazing role models for kids and adults alike.

    Sandi V.
  • America's Best Defense Franklin James Smith

    Supportive, encouraging school dedicated to the practice and execution of effective defense. Instructors are extremely knowledgeable and are able to share that knowledge effectively. Great opportunity to get some energy landing some blows and letting off some steam, while picking up what I've found to be the best style of personal defense

    James Smith
  • America's Best Defense Franklin Lynn L.

    This school is incredible. I am a stay at home mom that calls carrying laundry up the stairs exercise... I knew I needed to do something for myself physically and mentally/emotionally. I have tried lots of workouts, running, spinning, yoga, cleanses, zumba- you name it, but I never stuck with it because it was not fulfilling. Then, I found Krav Maga at ABD in Franklin. In 5 weeks, I feel like a totally different person- dare I say it, a lioness... I am moving, I am sweating, and I am learning key tactics for real- life self defense! May I never be nervous in a parking lot ever again...

    Lynn L.
  • America's Best Defense Franklin Bill V.

    Great school and great instructors. I know them all personally and have great respect for them and the school.

    Bill V.
  • America's Best Defense Franklin Dan C.

    America's Best Defense has helped me transform into a confident guy from learning how to defend myself. The instructors are awesome. I highly recommend it!

    Dan C.


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