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Learn Self Defense and Get In Amazing Shape! May Specials! Krav Maga Classes

Is your teenager looking for a new, exciting, and fast-paced hobby? If so, Teens Krav Maga in Franklin is the place for you. Our specifically designed class for teenagers specializes on giving them a great workout, teaching them effective Krav Maga Self Defense, and gives them a place to meet positive people of the same age. Teens walk out of class and are prepared for the REAL world, and you get a piece of mind knowing they can defend themselves.

Our highly trained and certified instructors are 100% dedicated to their work and your teen. All fitness levels and martial art levels are welcome! We guarantee no one will get left behind at America's Best Defense in Franklin. Teens learn how to set proper goals, and how to work together to meet those goals. 

Teens Krav Maga in Franklin Offers Next Level Fitness  

We know that teens need variety. Teens Krav Maga in Franklin is a place where we effectively put a mixture of high energy, self defense and a great workout together to form an exciting class for our teens. With a specific Krav Maga curriculum geared for their age range and interests the Teens Krav Maga class is guaranteed to make sure your child is sweaty, sore, and smiling when you pick them up.

Every week we have a new Teens Krav Maga class planned for you. Using the goals of the class, we formulate our exercises, drills, and techniques for every ability level from beginner to advanced. There is always the next level to achieve and to better yourself. Throughout Teens Krav Maga, your teen will effectively learn: 

  • How to properly and effectively fight to defend themselves
  • Goal Setting 
  • Basic Combatives 
  • Defense against Chokes 
  • Punch & Kick Defense 
  • Three on one defense 
  • Jiu Jistu 
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing

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